To drive a car for moving in Paris is not the best solution: on one hand because you will contribute to the pollution of the city, on the other because you will systematically get stuck in traffic jams.
To move from a point to another of Paris is really easy.

The whole city is covered by the transportation network of the RATP: a lot of buses, RER (trains) and undergrounds ensure an efficient service.
Furthermore about 200 km of cycle lanes are available for bicycles and Velibs.
The fluvial transportation is also a good solution to move in Paris enjoying the amazing point of view of the river Seine.
It is the most quick and economic way to move in Paris.
The underground network of Paris counts more than 300 stations that could be easily identified by the yellow M symbol more

A lot of lines of buses run in Paris, passing through the center and crossing the banks of the river Seine and the historical quarters.
The network of the buses counts more

The RER (Reseau Express Régional) is a train network that covers a great part of the Ile de France and includes five lines designated by letters: A, B, C, D and E. The RER works like the more

More than 15000 taxis are available in Paris, night and day. The owner or the driver of a taxi has a special permission to stop in apposite areas of the streets to wait for more

This is a regular service of fluvial transportation finalized to encourage parisians and tourists to use the river Seine to move in Paris rather than buses and the underground more

Velib is a revolutionary idea that has changed the habits of Parisians in terms of urban transportation.
It’s an original mean of transportation, available 24h/24 more



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