The official website of the city of Paris represents a real mine of information constantly updated.
The portal includes several sections: administrative procedures, online procedures, columns dedicated to work, news, solidarity, culture, environment, sport, education, health, maps and urbanism.
The newest and most interesting events are always in close-up: exhibitions, concerts, festivals, cultural happenings, fashion shows and so on. This website is an important point of reference for every Parisian.
A particularly useful section is the "guide of the newcomers" that will explain you the procedures needed depending on your situation (first arrival, move, coming with family, etc. etc.)

The Portal of the Office of Tourism and Conventions of Paris provide users with all the information necessary to visit the city. The website helps you finding a hotel, a student apartment or a residence.

It offers several practical tools for a pleasant holiday and informs you about the main events.


Service Public
The portal of reference for the administrative procedures in France.
The website is divided in several sections that will provide you with interesting information: health, administration, family, taxes, law, community and so on.
A lot of forms are available on the website and many procedures can be performed directily online. The portal is always updated and you can ask your questions by email.


A website rich of information and news that offers useful guides about different subjects.
L'Internaute is an interesting web-magazine proposing precious and functional services.


Adminet - The Public Writer
AdmiNet is an electronic centre of documentation that offers information concerning institutions, public administration and public service.
The most important and useful section of the website is the "public writer area" where it is possible to download hundreds of letter templates for any occasions: letters to postulate for a job, to terminate a contract, to appeal, to write a CV and many others.

The Prefecture of Paris
The Prefecture of Paris shows its services.


17, Boulevard Morland
75004 Paris
Fax : 01 48 87 47 83
Vélib' (standing for "vélo e liberté") is the bicycle rental system available in Paris since the 15 July 2007.
This is an original system to rent bicycle for short rides that has been conceived by the township of Paris and it is handled by the company JCDecaux.
It's a revolutionary idea that has changed the habits of Parisians in terms of urban travelling.
The originality and the peculiarity of the Velib system resides in the fact that you can, 24h/24 and 7 days a week, take a bicycle from a station and leave it in another one.
It's really easy to take a bicycle: go to a Velib station, identify yourself using the tactile.