Parigi by night
The night, antidote to the rationality of the day, is always fascinating and enigmatic. The obscurity enlightens the magic of Paris that will satisfy your desire of emotions and fun.
"Two Paris exist: The prostitute one, raped by the eyes of foreigner tourists coming from all over the world to admire it and the Paris of temptations who rapes the bodies of all the ones who dare to know its true dimension and spirit which is not described in any tourist guide".
These are the words used by Valerie Tasso, a French writer, to describe Paris in her romance Paris la nuit.
Paris changes its face at night becoming more fascinating and charming and wearing a dress of lights. The night of Paris is the hidden place where sensuality and malice meet, where taboos and inhibitions do not exist anymore.
Many cabarets are still present in Paris: Moulin Rouge, Lido, Crazy Horse, Folies Bergères, Paradis Latin... Their hot atmospheres and their spicy choreographies attract visitors from all over the more

Paris offers several discotheques to satisfy all the nigh-birds and their unceasing need to party and have fun. Saturday night fever relights the nights of the ville lumière: house, more
Jazz found a rich soil in Paris and it developed rapidly.
Since first French jazz players have landed in France, the clubs and the pubs of Saint-Germain des Près and Saint-Michel more


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