The pride parade was initially called Gay Pride, then Lesbian & Gay Pride and LGBT (each time claiming the rights for an additional community).
It is now called Pride Parade and it promotes the equality and the freedom for all the sexual orientations and behaviors.
Every year in June, a colorful parade invades the streets of Paris to defend the rights of sexual minorities.
In most of the city of the world the parade takes place in May or June to remember the fight of Stonewall, in the Christopher Street of New York on the 28 June 1969.
In 1969 a group of lesbians, gay and transexuals rebelled against the irruption of the police in a gay bar of New York.
A hard fight between the police and the gay community lasted several days.

Since that day the fight of Stonewall are considered the starting point of the claims of justice and equality of the gay community.
Brenda Howard, known as "Mother of the Pride", head of the Gay Liberation Front and of the Gay Activists Alliance, organized a first commemoration of those events a month after the fight. Commemorative parades were also organized in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Over the years, these kinds of parades are organized in several cities of the world. Each parade has its own particularities but they all have the same organization.
The official people are at the front of the parade (like politicians for example) followed by the organizers, associations and so on. Behind this first representative part of the parade there are a lot of camions encircled by people dancing.
The camions are equipped with powerful amplification system and they play continuously house and electronic music.

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Every year in June.

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