The city


Writers, poets, painters, musicians and a lot of artists has sung, painted or described Paris.
Every bridge, street, place, monument, park and building has inspired the imagination and the sensibility of an artist.
Every day a new feeling can caress your soul in Paris.
Known all over the world for its monuments and its artistic and cultural vitality, Paris is also a city that boasts a central role in the politic, economic and historic background.
Paris is the symbol of France that attracts every year more than 30 millions of visitors coming from every part of the planet.
The population of Paris is about 2 million persons, not considering the people living in the near suburbs.
The urban agglomeration of Paris is, with Moscow and London, one of the most populated in the world.
The canals of Paris are a place of fun, sport and relax; at the same time, they represent an important means of transportation. They are an essential way of communication connecting more


Paris is, more than any other city, the city of bridges.
A lot of cities have been built on the banks of a river but only few cities have a great number of bridges. Paris has 37 bridges, footbridges more

The history of Paris is strictly linked to the river Seine.
On the geographic point of view, it represents the main axe of the city, on the economic and territorial one it represents an ace up Paris sleeve more

A secret Paris exists and it hides its secrets to tourists.
This mysterious face of the city is made of charming and amazing places that represent the traces of an old Paris more

In the past the squares were, more than today, the main meeting places for public and private life.
People went to the squares to meet friends, to attend politic events more

Paris is famous all over the world for the beauty and the richness of its monuments.
Every king, emperor and President of the Republic has left his personal architectural mark more

It is an administrative division that separates the city of Paris in twenty sections called “arrondissements”.
Each arrondissement is has a separate administrative and statistic identity more




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